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Portuñol Wine Tasting


Wine Tasting in Lisbon: Expectations vs. Reality

When it comes to Portugal and Spanish wine tasting, it is not just about drinking alcohol. Learning about their origin and the local wine production culture will boost your experience. Our experts will show why seeing and sipping this nectar in custom-made glasses is so crucial. Onwards!

What Is Involved in Wine Tasting?

In practice, Spanish and Portugal wine tasting is a scheduled event where customers can visit a nearby winery in Lisbon and sample some of the best fermented beverages. This experience will also deepen your knowledge of the Portuguese viticulture tradition and help you distinguish between Spanish and local whites and reds.

Our skilled sommeliers at Clueless Wines will guide you through the tasting process and ensure you know how to explore primary, secondary, and tertiary aromas of wines with special earthy, floral, and other hints. Side-by-side tasting is accompanied by different gourmet food delicacies.

What Do You Eat During a Wine Tasting Event?

Clueless Wines will select what suits the best for the target type of served beverages. In the case of port tasting, you will enjoy a naturally sweeter product that contains more alcohol. That’s why savory snacks and delicacies are a perfect match. The contrast between these opposite flavors helps our guests develop a broader palate and distinguish slight nuances and aromas during the event.

In a nutshell, a classic serving becomes a tasty assortment of grapes, biscuits, cheese, meat snacks, and condiments. You can always consult with our experts if you have any special requirements to be catered to.

What Are the 4 Parts of Tasting Wine?

Our team follows a traditional tasting ritual, where wine sampling experiences can be divided into four stages:

- Appearance — you analyze the color and hue of the beverage.

- Bouquet — sniffing will show that there is more to the tannins and acidity the target alcohol offers than it seems at first.

- Taste — sip the drink and let your taste buds do their job.

- Aftertaste — wine tasting in Lisbon isn’t a rush process. Take your time to appreciate a lasting aftertaste classic and port wines guarantee.

Feel free to contact us today to schedule your journey in this magnificent realm of flavor!