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Portuguese Wine Tasting


Why Wine Tasting in Portugal Is Worth It?

If you are searching for bold berry tastes and robust aroma palettes in fruit alcohol, Portuguese wine tasting will improve your connoisseur career. Stay tuned to see the benefits of this experience.

What Is Special About Portuguese Wine?

There are quite a few reasons why Portuguese wine sampling is a second-to-none adventure:

This noble drink will help you explore an entirely new universe of grape flavors and aromas — from Tinta Amarela and Touriga Franca to Viosinho and Malvasia Fina. There are over two hundred types of indigenous grapes to savor.

Thanks to the unique climate, viticulture tradition, and technology, every winery in Portugal can show off its exquisite charm and professionalism.

It is a culture of full-bodied and fortified beverages, which are another class of product in comparison with French and Spanish alternatives. For instance, aside from a higher content of alcohol, they include more natural sugar.

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Our membership conditions are simple. Whether you are an experienced connoisseur or want to make your first steps in the field, we’ve got you covered:

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- unique types of tawny, red, and white port wines from exclusive local wineries;

- the expertise of our sommeliers for a wholesome journey with the history of Portuguese wine in mind.

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