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Port Wine Tasting


The Difference Between Port and Wine: Brief Guide for Beginners

Tawny, ruby, and white categories of port wines deserve your attention — their palates are quite distinctive from what traditional beverages offer. At the Clueless Wines studio, you will participate in a unique port wine tasting Lisbon session and get a deeper insight into what makes their flavorful profiles different. Here is a bit of theory for you. Stay tuned!

How Is Port Different From Wine?

While the overall concept of the two products is similar, several characteristics distinguish port tasting experiences from sipping traditional wines:

First and foremost, bottles of port reds and whites from any winery near Lisbon will be heavier in alcohol content. Compared to classic viticulture products, this percentage is up to 6% higher, reaching 20% in several cases.

The unique aroma and flavor features of port wines are based on a special production and fermentation process. Such beverages are fortified since distilled brandy-like alcohol is added to the grapes with sugar. In turn, the fermentation process stops at just around half of the sucrose’s conversion to booze.

Thanks to the expertise of Clueless Wines, you will get to taste exclusive samples of Portuguese viticulture and compare them to classic alternatives head to head. To schedule your personalized event, please check here:  https://www.cluelesswines.com/wine-tastings/.

Why Is Port Wine Special?

The phenomenon of the analyzed alcohol lies in its history and production peculiarities. Given any bottle of this booze will be sweeter, deeper, and more spirit-like, a porto wine tasting cheap session will leave an unforgettable impression with a lasting aftertaste. 

It is similar to champagne, which can only be produced in France. Genuine port wines are impossible without indigenous grapes from Portugal. Overall, the local viticulture tradition allows for over fifty types of grapes to be used for this special fermentation process, but the most popular combinations include the following:

- Touriga Nacional and Tinta Barroca for reds;

- Gouveio and Rabigato for whites.

What Is the Most Famous Port in Portugal?

At Clueless Wines, we offer a custom gathering for groups of up to fifteen visitors. Our team will transform 5 S’s of wine tasting Lisbon events into a nice lunch with cheese and other gourmet delicacies to level up the flavor profile of local port reds and whites. You will easily access top-notch bottles of young and aged beverages — masterpieces like Casa dos Vinhos Madeira, Late Bottled Vintage, Colheita Porto, and others.