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How to Organize Your Ideal Day in Lisbon

Despite how complicated the Lisbon 1 day itinerary challenge seems, it isn’t impossible. This city is traveler-friendly and will be glad to reveal its secrets even if you don’t have much time to discover its beautiful sights. Stay tuned for great tips to enjoy your short stay in the capital.

How to Have the Perfect Day in Lisbon According to a Local

With so many things to see in Lisbon in one day, it is easy to feel lost. However, there is one universal attraction you shouldn’t miss when going sightseeing in the capital of Portugal — wine sampling. This country’s viticulture customs and traditions are no less impressive than the ones in Spain, Italy, or France. If you want to understand how people live here, taking into account how they relax is a must.

With Clueless Wines, your trip to local vineyards will transform into an all-in-one experience. This venue is designed for large groups of visitors of up to fifteen attendees. Enjoy snacks and meals along with exploring the nature of port white, tawny, and red nectars.

Check Into the Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon

This art-decor masterpiece is one of the things to see in Lisbon, no matter how prolonged your stay is expected to be. Its CURA, entertainment facilities, a full-service spa, and stellar rooms inside the hotel — it is a win-win combination for your trip. Even if you don’t make a step outside, you will be able to get to know Portugal in one day without difficulty.

Get Coffee and a Treat at Dramático

Dramático is a super welcoming and friendly place to visit and get ready for your walking across charming and cozy streets in the city. While seeing the beauty of its ceramic tiles and other architectural peculiarities, sipping warm and delicious coffee will be the right touch to the experience — exactly what you need for your one day trip from Lisbon and lasting memories.

Visit the National Tile Museum

Established in 1509, it is one of the best venues in Portugal to get a deeper insight into its history. The sights made of the local azulejo are totally impressive and will require your attention from one to three hours in total. This one-of-a-kind museum combines the retrospective analysis of culture and architecture with how decorative ceramic tiles are preserved today.

Get a Taste of the Best at Âmago

At Âmago, a restaurant with one table and 10 places only, featured in Guia MICHELIN 2024, you will pleasantly finalize your gastronomic journey and taste some of the best meals of the local cuisine. Special tricks and twists are guaranteed.

Is One Day Enough Lisbon?

Don’t get discouraged — such a short trip will still be enough to taste the charm of the capital of Portugal and purchase wonderful memory keepsakes and collectibles. From magnificent samples of port wine in Lisbon to handmade souvenirs, you will have things to enjoy and remember the time spent in this great place.